What is a year in the life of a Christmas Tree?

"To get started we have to plow the ground to loosen the soil.  We then smooth the ground, mark off rows and drill holes to get ready to plant the trees. We hand plant each tree. When they are tall enough, we trim the lower limbs to make a good 'handle' at the bottom of the trunk that will fit into a stand.  Then, as they grow, we trim and shape each tree to help it have a uniform “pretty” shape. This is usually done once or twice during the year.  Around Thanksgiving we have Fraser Fir trees brought in from the mountains of North Carolina (these will not grow around our area). We sell these and use some in making wreaths and decorations. We do all this because we enjoy sharing this special time of year with others and because everyone who comes by always has a smile on their face.  We raise and sell Christmas Trees because we love the joy it brings to others."


Do you only sell Christmas Trees?

No, We use cuttings from our trees that we grow and from the Fraser Firs to make fresh wreaths, swags, table and door decorations. You can purchase them plain or we have handmade bows and an assortment of decorated items.


What makes Shine and Lee's Christmas Trees the best choice (or unique) when compared to other tree farms?

I don't know that we are a better choice when compared to other tree farms but we do have a few things to offer our customers.  We provide hand saws to cut your own trees or we can assist you with cutting one down.  When you have selected your tree we place it on a machine that shakes any debris or 'bird nests' out.  We then can drill a hole in the bottom of the trunk for a heavy duty tree stand (which we sell and can be used for many years). After shaking and drilling your tree we can bale it for easy transport. When you get it home all you have to do is stand it up and cut the netting off. The tree will open and it is ready to decorate.


Why are real trees and decorations a better choice than artificial ones?

Real trees are 100% biodegradable. You have the smell of Christmas with a real tree. You get the experience of checking out many different trees to choose the “Just Right” tree rather than going to the department store and bringing it home in a box. While the artificial tree collects dust in the closet or attic, the birds build nest and raise their young in the boughs of the growing trees while the rabbits and squirrels run and play around them. We enjoy the fresh air from the oxygen given off by the Real trees. You don't have to worry about disposing of a real tree in a land fill and it taking years to decompose. It can be recycled and chipped up for mulch to be reused. There is no need to worry about putting the tree together and taking it down to store it every year or worrying about what chemicals it is made of.